Nutrition Kitchen This Saturday!

This Saturday Amber Hill from Nutrition Kitchen will be handing out paleo friendly desserts before and after the 8:30 and 9:30 classes.  Don’t miss out on your chance to see that healthy meals can taste good too!


By: Amber Hill

“Mother Nature’s no dingbat. She didn’t package the good stuff with the bad stuff so she could watch us struggle for thousands of years until the invention of Egg Beaters.” Liz Wolfe, NTP
Our world was created for us to thrive. Just like you, we care a lot about what goes into our bodies. We’ve all heard the saying “You are what you eat.” The food we eat directly affects how we feel, both physically and mentally.  We enjoy doing research and getting educated constantly so we can make sure we are using the best ingredients. Which is why we use organic produce, organic grass fed beef and organic free range chicken.  You should know what is going into the food you eat and we have no secrets here. We are a team and we want you to succeed.

We believe in eating real foods that are a product of nature, not a factory.


Nutrition Kitchen is a meal prep service designed to help you achieve your goals. From building muscle, to losing weight to just living a healthier life style. We understand it’s difficult to find the time to ensure you are staying on track when it comes to what you eat. After hearing the request of friends and family and seeing the need around us, we have decided to do all the grocery shopping and meal prepping for you. It’s already cooked, so all you’ll need to do is heat up your meal. We’ll even deliver it right to your door! Whether that’s at work, your house or the gym, we will bring it to you.


Nutrition is very important to us and we know it is important to you as well. We put a lot of thought into each of the meals we make. We want to make sure we get in a healthy balance of protein, healthy fats and carbohydrates. As well as getting in as much nutrients as possible and leaving out all GMO’s, hormones, antibiotics, pesticides etc. That’s why all ingredients used in our meals are high quality, all natural or organic.


How It Works

We deliver meals every Wednesday and Saturday. We have an 8 week menu rotation so you are always getting something new. Every Saturday I will email you the new menu with nutrition information for each of the meals. After that all you have to do is email back what delivery day you would like and your order.  At the bottom of the menu there will be a deadline to make sure you get your order placed in time. You can order as much or as little as you want, add extra protein or even extra veggies! Pick your delivery location and a time frame and we will bring everything right to you.





Warm Up:

Trainer Choice



13 Minute Time Cap If signed up for Open skip. Adv: 100 reps
75 Push Ups
75 V-Ups






16.2 Open


Welded Lean

For Time:
8 Rounds
200m Run (Both)
30 Push Press 45/35
30 Goblet Squats 53/35


Mobility Of the Day: Partner Quad Smash
Improves:  Additional years to your life, increased smiling




Strengthen & Lengthen

6 to 7am