New Kids in the Box

By: Sharae Townsend

This Saturday is the Annual New Kids in the Box competition. This competition is a great start to see if being a competitor is the future for you or not. I personally have competed in this competition on a team and an individual. I had a great time. It’s a great venue, too.

As an athlete:

  • Go in with no expectations
  • Know where you’re at with your fitness level
  • Stick with your plan
  • Don’t go out too hot unless you can stick with it
  • STAY HYDRATED!!! It’s going to be hot
  • Enjoy it and have fun

As a spectator:

  • Come out and support everyone
  • Bring lots of water
  • Bring friends
  • Bring some chairs
  • Enjoy the show

When: Saturday July 15th
Where: Carson City at the Marv Teixiera Pavilion
Time: Begins at 8am
Who: over 100 athletes will compete including many Double Edge members