Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good

By: Sabrina Blajos

So as I’m sitting here after my WOD, I’m thinking to myself how good I feel and the words Look Good, Feel Good, Play Good come to my head. For those of you who don’t know those were the words I lived by in College. Both on the Court (volleyball) and off. I always believed that in order to do anything you must show up.

It’s definitely easier said than done (trust me), but we all go through those phases where we start getting busier and get overwhelmed with life and slowly we start putting off the small things. Not knowing that those small things are the things that keep us together. Think about how great you feel with work/school when you declutter and catch up on all your small admin task “busy work” that you put off. You feel on top of the world when you are organized. Same with our appearance.

Waking up a little earlier to do your hair, shave your face, or put some make up on before a 12hr day is going to make that day a lot smoother than sleeping in a rushing out the door half dressed. Giving yourself that extra 10 minutes every morning to make sure you are ready to tackle the day will help eliminate unwanted/unnecessary stress. Then you will gradually start to find that it’s actually a lot easier to stay on top of things. And don’t stress if you do fall off we all do, it’s just recognizing and prioritizing.


Group Class Workout


Warm Up: 3rds: 15 KBS russian, 10 single arm KB high pulls, 5 burpees

Finish with: 1 Min Banded Front Rack, 20 scorpions


Strength: 8 Sets of Triple Power Clean

Does not have to be TnG, Every 1:15

Lean: No Strength




Double Unders*

Single Arm KB Thrusters 35/26

*If you don’t go unbroken complete 5 DL @75% of 1 rep max.


Scaled: x2 Singles

*Same penalty if not unbroken



Crossfit Lean

Double Deuce

2k Row

2 mile run

2k Ski


(40 Min Time Cap)


Mobility Of The Day: Lower back stiff, pain in your shoulder?

Talk to your coach! We are here to help! Ask us!



Handstand walk
Farmers carry
D ball cleans