Leigha Morrow

This week’s #DECFMonday was chosen by Coach Joaquin! Keep up the awesome work Leigha! We’re glad to have you as part of the community!

“Leigha!! When she walked in for her first group class, I honestly didn’t know if she would ever return. Not that she didn’t like it, but I think she was just extra hard on herself in where she was with her health and fitness. She wasn’t exactly where she needed or wanted to be, and it became eye-opening as it does most of us on the first visit. There are two types of people, those who quit and make excuses when things get hard and those who fight! Oh man, I have to tell you that Leigha is a silent killer! She has been pushing and pushing since that day, and it’s so inspiring to watch! I will never forget the moment she overcame her fear of RX box jumps. With the whole crew there cheering her on, she went for it, without knowing whether or not her feet would land safely on top of the box and ultimately avoid the dreaded shin replacement that could come if she missed. Of course, she got it, and we all went wild! That’s who Leigha is. She is kind, quiet, and somewhat timid, but inside, she is unafraid to step up and take that jump! I am very grateful for Leigha and for allowing me to be a part of her journey. Keep partying girl. 🤙🏼” – Coach Joaquin