Kelly Allin

This week’s Featured Athlete was chosen by Coach Joel. Kelly has been a great addition to the Double Edge Community and works hard every time he’s in the gym. Keep up the awesome work!

“Kelly is one of the more inspiring people that I have gotten the opportunity to coach and know. When he first came into the gym, I could tell that Welded was definitely outside of the normal for him, but he came in with the attitude of wanting to make a change. His very first workout had nearly a million air squats in it and the next day he confessed that it was difficult to walk down the stairs, let alone sit down on the toilet. Some people would have thrown in the towel right there but not Kelly; he continued to come to the gym every single day with an unbeatable attitude and the willingness to succeed. Kelly is an inspiration to me and so many others who have watched him in the gym. Thank you Kelly and keep crushing it!”
– Coach Joel