Jen Knight

This week’s Featured Athlete was chosen by Coach Kris! Keep working hard and making those gains Jen!⠀

“Jen has been a hard worker from Day 1, about 8 months ago, she comes in pushes herself and always asks what she can do to improve. Not only does she ask, she does it! She’s very coachable, great to be around, one of the loudest cheerleaders in the gym and always wants everyone around her to improve and push themselves along with her. She’s even brought her husband Eric in and has him working hard too. There’s a long list of reasons why Jen is so bad ass, but I’ll keep it short with everything I’ve already said. Keep up the awesome work and thanks for being such an integral part of not only my 7:30AM class but the DE Community as well. ” – Coach Kris

“Double Edge has added value to my life by constantly challenging me to step outside my safe zone and push the limits. I joined DE because I wanted something different. What I ended up getting was amazing guided workouts, some bringing me close to death 😜, meeting lots of new people and the desire to show up the following day to push harder and get better! I’ve never experienced the amount of support and positivity from everyone. It’s so addictive! With the help of Coach Kris, I’ve been able to fine tune some lifts and look forward to learning much more.” – Jen Knight⠀