Isaac Hagerbaumer

This week’s Featured Athletewas chosen by Coach Dawn! Keep the awesome work Isaac, thank you for being such a great part of our DE Community.

“Isaac has been a ray of sunshine in the 5:30 class since he started coming to Double Edge last December. He comes in every day with a smile and a “hello Miss Dawn”, is friendly to those around him, works hard and tells me his score after every workout. He also just got a FULL RIDE scholarship to law school, which he’ll leave us for this fall. We will miss you Isaac and look forward to seeing you do amazing things out there!” – Coach Dawn⠀

“Double Edge has helped me in every part of my life. I was never a person that would go to the gym, let alone exercise. Double Edge keeps me consistent and on top of my body’s needs, because I’m thinking about it; something I had not been doing before Double Edge. I’m going to classes 5 times a week and having a schedule of going to Double Edge has made my lifestyle into a healthy one. I’m thankful for my health today, and I’m going to keep my health thanks to the Double Edge lifestyle. Besides improving my heath, I couldn’t ask for a better group of people to work out with at Double Edge. I know I will be hard pressed to find a better box anywhere in the world. Thank you!” – Isaac Hagerbaumer⠀