Injury Prevention Seminar

Come Join Us!

What: Injury Prevention Seminar

When: Wednesday May 31st at 5:30pm

Where: Midtown Location in the Yoga Room

Who: Three of our Double Edge coaches will be discussing a few topics on injury prevention and will also be featuring our Chiropractor, Dr. Christopher McBroom. We’ll be conducting mobility screenings for everyone in attendance. Topics such as, “Why moving well is important”, “The Pyramid of injury”, “Longevity and Sustainability”, and “the causes of injuries” will be discussed.

Why: You should attend if you are interested in how to prevent injuries or want to start moving more efficiently. If you currently have injuries, you will learn how important mobility is and that there is no time like the present to start mobilizing and to start moving well. Just show up to educate yourself and to pass on this valuable knowledge to others.

Cost: This seminar is free to all Double Edge Members and don’t forget to sign up for the seminar, it is not too late. You can also sign up at the front desk for the seminar.

See you Tomorrow night!! Come with any questions or injuries you may have! We are ready to answer and discuss any injury prevention related topics!