How to Lose 20lbs. in a Week

By: Trent Soares

Just kidding, but not really.

Here are 3 tips to recovering from a tonsillectomy and adenoidectomy:

In January I got my tonsils removed, it is one month later and I can finally say that I am 100% recovered. My taste buds are still coming back but I like to look at it as a positive effect.

Tip One: Get an amazing wife
As much as I thought it was only going to be my throat that was out of commission I was deadly wrong. My whole body shut down and for the first two days I couldn’t even get a glass of water. It was a mixture of blood rushing back to my head which would hit my throat and in term, hurt. My amazing partner in life were my arms and legs. Also my mind, coming off from the anesthesia you are going to need someone to stay on track of time especially for pills.

Tip Two: Stay hydrated
Every 2 hours drink a full glass of water, yes even at night, set your alarm! Part of the healing process is proper hydration. It helps decrease the pain in the throat, and it keeps the scabs in the throat moistened. The absolute worst pain I experienced was night number 5 when I slept right through the night. I woke up with a dry throat and couldn’t even open my mouth, needless to say drink water often.

Tip Three: Say hello to your bestie Jell-O
I didn’t receive the soothing effect from ice cream (I know bummer) in fact it actually really hurt. Hot soup was a complete no-no. Surprisingly enough Jell-O for a week straight was all I consumed. It had to do with the room temperature and lack of taste. Stay away from spices!

Bonus Tip: get it done as a kid!