Heath Hildebrandt

This week’s Member Monday was chosen by Coach Trent! We’re lucky to have members like Heath, thank you for being a great member of our Community.

“I am blessed to be a trainer because of people like this guy. I appreciate the positive attitude that he shows up with, even at 5 in the morning. I believe that this is one of the reasons he has made tremendous progress, and many friendships in the gym. He never lets an excuse hold him back, and I admire his consistency to our classes. Thank you for respecting us as trainers and trusting us lead you to a healthier lifestyle Heath. Please keep up the solid work and I am excited for our fitness journey together!” – Coach Trent

“I joined Double Edge about six months ago and have been amazed at the results and progress that I’ve made. The gym is rooted with a strong community and coaches that are passionate about fitness. I had always taken the time to exercise, whether that meant running or lifting. But it wasn’t until joining double edge that I was able to get my nutrition dialed in. This has allowed me to make gains that I wasn’t capable of before. I’ve come to realize that fitness is much more than an hour daily workout. It’s a mindset and a lifestyle that is shaped outside of the gym as well. With the support of my trainers and fellow athletes, I am gaining the confidence to set higher goals for myself and achieve them.” – Heath Hildebrandt