Hand Care

By: Trent Soares

Prevention Techniques

1) Short Sets
As we have seen in week 2 of the Welded Open, 16 toes to bar and 16 bar muscle ups scream time under tension. Breaking these guys up in to short sets limit the chances to tear by releasing the friction. It also helps with muscle fatigue.

2) Gymnastics Grips/Gloves
Although awkward at first it may take some practicing to get used to these guys but it is definitely worth it in the long run. Easy to slip on rather than tape and gets the job done.

3) Callus Maintenance
Moisturize daily. Try to shave down your calluses once a week, and pop those blisters. Our homie DERMALICIOUS (http://www.dermalicious.net) makes it really easy to do so. Check out their merchandise online, we also carry their products at both of our locations. There are some samples on deck, I would highly recommend having a Callus Quench and Cut Quench in your gym bag. I personally keep one in my cup holder. My steering wheel is always sticky, but my hands feel amazing.

Post Tear

1) Wash your hands
Use warm water with soap. Screaming is allowed and actually promoted (we understand).

2) Cut away any loose skin
It will just get in the way. There is absolutely no chance that the ripped skin hanging off will reattach itself to your hand.

3) Apply Cut Quench
I don’t mean to plug DERMALICOUS but I believe in their products. Recently I ripped after doing 17.3 on Monday. Today being Wednesday I am ready to touch a barbell today after nightly doses of cut quench and daily doses of callus quench.

4) Room to Breathe
Let them air out after that but cover them when there is a chance of contracting infection.


As a Welded athlete we ask a lot from our hands, equivalent to a construction worker. Torn hands could take up to a week or more to heal though which means you can’t do things with them for that duration, thereby limiting your training and more. It’s comparable to an injury. Just as we give mobility the respect it deserves, we should allow some time for hand care as well. Time to put down the foam roller and pick up a callus shaver. Ask anyone on staff if you need help with hand maintenance, or head over to DERMALICOUS.net and take care of those hands the rest of this open season.