Hand Care

By: Kris Thompson

If you’ve been doing Welded for a while now you might have noticed your hands getting calluses and you might’ve ripped or torn your hands before.

Here’s some tips and products I like to use to keep my hands feeling good and less likely to tear.

Hand Maintenance
– Shave down your calluses: Use something like a callus shaver or a WODROD (which I prefer) to keep your calluses small. I like using a WODROD because it allows me to control how much I’m taking off and it’s pretty quick.
– Condition your calluses: I like using Dermalicious Callus Quench to keep them soft and supple.

Hand Protection
– Use grips to protect your hands and have a barrier between you and the bar, my favorite are the Bear Komplex Comp Grips.
– When wearing these grips make sure you create a little “lip” with them to give more space between your hand and the bar.

Uh oh! I ripped!
When a rip occurs I go through the following steps to start the healing process:

  1. wash your hands (this is going to hurt… You have been warned!)
  2. cut away any hanging skin
  3. use the callus quench cap to scrap some product off the top and pack it onto the raw skin
  4. cover with a band-aid during the day and let it air dry while I’m sleeping
  5. repeat until healed

All products mentioned in this blog are available for purchase from the retail areas at both of our locations. Hope this becomes a part of your hand care routine!