Grips… Should you wear them?

By: Jacob Wellock

The answer to that question is yes.

Let’s dive into it.

Have you ever done so many pull ups and toes to bar that those precious exfoliated, smooth, hand mitts got a gaping hole in them the size of your life’s biggest mistake? Or maybe it was just a small one, like leaving the hair straightener on when you left the house or locking your keys in your car. Well, if any of those things are larger mistakes have ever happened to you, then you know that sucks. If there was a way to avoid those things happening to you, would you go that route. I am willing to bet a pretty penny or handsome nickel to think that is the case. That’s what it is like when you learn to use grips! You no longer tear your hands (results may vary) and that is just spectacular! If I had a handsome nickel for the amount of times I have tore my hands since getting my grips I would be able to buy myself a bag of air. And if you didn’t know, air is free, and the bag, depending on how fancy you get, may or may not be free. So did I ever really have a handsome nickel, you will never know.

What I am saying here is that, if you throw your body around and pick up objects with your hands in the gym, you need a set of grips. If you haven’t tore your hands, don’t worry, that mistake will sneak up on you… just like that straightener you left on in the house. If that doesn’t sell you, empirical evidence and a double blind placebo hypothesis from some of the world’s greatest gains connoisseurs and scientists will, in fact, show you how important they really are in your life.

Don’t just take my word for it, it’s science.  Results may vary.