Exciting Things Happening in Reno

By: Derek Wellock

First and foremost I am not an economist, so my thoughts here are just opinions from what I observe and hear.  The Reno area is booming right now.  It is almost a little scary the growth that is taking place.  Many companies are moving here creating jobs, and with the overall growth. I do believe Reno is set for a very positive future, changing from a gambling town to a family town, where people move to raise healthy and fit families.

One of the “big ass audacious goals” of Double Edge is to help Reno achieve the status of fittest and healthiest places to live and work.  I want my children growing up in a town where health is a part of the culture.  Being outside and enjoying our God given beauty in our backyard of the Sierra Nevada Mountains and Tahoe is something to be proud of.  Being crowned as the healthiest and fittest city has so much potential to change the landscape of the entire area.

As many might already experience and know, the health care providers in our area are very overwhelmed.  There simply are not enough doctors and medical providers to take care of people who refuse to take care of themselves.  Preventative medicine is the only way to fix this problem.  The ones who can help change this is us, the Double Edge Community.  Every person at Double Edge who works out here, has the power to have a positive impact on someone in their live’s health.  Inviting a friend a go on a walk or a hike.  Talking to a coworker about how you are making a healthier food choices.  Learning and doing new sports or activities with family and friends, are all catalysts to living a healthier and more fit life.   To change the health of our community is going to take more than people coming to Double Edge to workout.  As a gym we are not too far away from capping our membership, so in order for us to continue to have a positive and far reaching effect beyond the walls of Double Edge, we need everyone who calls Double Edge home to lead their lives in the community as leaders and advocators of health and fitness.  Every single one of us has the power to be a positive change to the health landscape of our city.