“Everything you need is already inside.” -Bill Bowerman

By: Savina Brown
With the 2016 Summer Olympics currently underway, I constantly find myself amazed at the performance level of the athletes. I ponder how they were blessed with such talent, discipline, and mental strength. Feeling as if they had to be dealt a special hand of cards or that they for sure had to make a barter with God. But truth be told, this type of thinking doesn’t stop with watching these high-level athletes, it follows me in the majority of the things I do. Whether it’s at the gym, in yoga, riding my bike, at work or school, in my social groups and many other places. I compare myself to others, wondering why I don’t quite measure up to the level of those around me. I create excuses and stories in my head for why that is. All of which generally tend to be a bunch of BS to make myself feel better, but just ends up setting me back in the long run.

So, why am I rambling on about all these deep, personal thoughts? Because I don’t feel I’m alone in this way of thinking. I feel as if this is a common thought process for many of us whether we want to admit it or not. It is part of our human make up, but that doesn’t mean we need to allow it to rule us. One wise teacher once told me, “All the answer to your deep, pondering thoughts all live within.” Sometimes it takes digging a little deeper, getting out of the thinking mind and truly decided to listen within ourselves mentally, physically, and emotionally. After all everything we need in and from this world already lies within us. It is how we decide to put it to use that affects us and creates the change. Give it a try, see how it works and what comes up for you. Feel free to share with me in person or email me at [email protected]. Happy searching!


Group Class Workout


Warm Up: 3rds: 15/12 Cals, 15 KBS Russian, 12 Pushups, 12 V-ups

Finish with: 10 Stretch lunges, 20 scorpions,15 PVC PT, GM


Strength: PVC Progressions for:

DL, Hang Power Clean, S2OH







For Time:

Buy In: 1K Row


5 Rounds

5 Deadlifts 165/115

5 Hang Cleans 165/115

5 S2OH 165/115


Cash Out: 1/0.8 Mile Bike


Welded Lean

For Time:

800m run

20 Burpee box jumps 24/20

30 Thrusters 95/65

100 Double unders

30 Thrusters 95/65

20 Burpee box jumps 24/20

800m run


Mobility Of the Day:  Couch Stretch (pg.331) 2-3 Minutes each side. DO it! Your body will thank you.

Improves: Squat Position, Hip Pain, Low back Pain


Skills: HSPU
shoulder accessories