Efficient Movement is Sexy Movement

By: Derek Wellock

Before you jump to conclusions about this post, please continue reading. Good movement doesn’t always mean more sex, but it can, haha. Now that I have your attention, this is a great starting point.

More often than not when someone starts at the gym there is a little bit of ego, combined with large amounts of motivation which can lead to injury. My goal is to shed light on the coaching perspective and how difficult it can be to get people to put the ego aside and be coachable.

I see throughout the day all the coaches constantly offer tips on efficient and safe movement. As coach Leo says every class “Move well, move fast, see you on the other side.” Let’s break this down.

Move Well. This is the first thing Leo says every class before the WOD starts. It is the most important part of the workout. Moving well, outweighs more weight and faster times every single time.

Move Fast. This is intensity. You can’t get results without intensity. But we do not ever increase intensity unless we are first moving well.

See you on the other side. This is the other side of the brick wall you will come face to face with during the workout. Do you quit or power over to see the other side? This is where confidence is built. Every time you clear the wall or run through it to the other side, you gain a little more fitness and confidence every single day.

As coaches our biggest passion is making sure you are moving well to improve your health and fitness. This goes for every single coach at Double Edge. We all desperately want you to move well and efficient with everything you do. The number one reason why? To prevent injury and promote health and fitness.

Our bodies are machines and can handle a tremendous amount of work capacity at a high intensity. To maintain our bodies as we get older and progress through life, we must put proper movement first. How can we do this, you might be thinking. Here are the steps:

  1. Check the ego at the door. Double Edge is a community of like minded people who all truly want you to succeed. It is hard to coach people when ego gets in the way.
  2. Be coachable. When a coach offers tips, like suggesting lowering weight to work on full range of motion, we are doing that to help you live a better quality and injury free life. Remember our single motivation to do this as a career is to truly help you. That is our passion.
  3. Develop a relationship with coaches. Know we are all here to help you. If something is hurting or doesn’t feel right talk to us. We can help make things better, we can micro-analyze movement, suggest alternative exercises, and offer ways to reduce existing injuries and prevent new ones.

One thing I like to think of when I am working out. Efficient movement is sexy, and we all want to be a little more sexy. Lighter weights moved well (perfect) is always better than heavy weights moved looking like sh** (not sexy). Heavy weights moved well (perfect) is the climax of fitness. The more we train moving well, the more weight we can move more often, which leads to more chances to climax with our fitness. Haha.

All joking aside. An athlete executing their craft with perfect precision is not only beautiful, it is also inspiring. Remember you are all athletes and Welded is the sport of fitness. Everyday you have a chance to be an athlete and improve your fitness, so let’s do this as a team and remember as a coach we only want you to succeed at mastering your craft. That craft being fitness as defined through Welded.

So, do your body, your coach, and your membership a favor. Work with us and be coachable so we can help you be the best and sexiest moving athlete possible. As Coach Leo would say, “Move well, move fast, see you on the other side.”