Easy Mobility

By: Jacob Wellock

We all probably ask ourselves every now and then, “Why aren’t my ankles getting better?” “Why do my knees hurt?” “My shoulders are still stiff.” Well ask yourself this question, are you REALLY doing the mobility?

I think what people are missing is that they really aren’t putting in quality mobility. All too often do I see people do some banded stretching or static holds for about 30 seconds and then call it good and wonder why things are not getting better. I mean we did the workout right? So mobility really isn’t that important, only when something starts to hurt.

Here are three things that you can do to get the most out of your mobility/flexibility.

1. Have a timer set and do that stretch for your ankles and hold it for two to three minutes each side. It is not the most comfortable thing ever but stretching is not meant to be super comfortable, especially if you are stiff. On the contrary, it is probably going to suck. You are not a yogi who can bend and twist at ease with no pain. Get a little uncomfortable by holding those positions and use a timer to hold you accountable.

2. Do it every single day. I am referring back to rule number one here. We are talking a total of 6-10 minutes a DAY of the 1,440 of which you are more than likely awake for 960 of those minutes. That comes down to about 1% of your day. That 1% of your day can affect the rest of your day. And if you add that 1% for every day of the week coming out to 7% of the 693% of an entire week, it seems pretty minimal doesn’t it. But that 7% is going to help the 693% tremendously. So it really isn’t as much as work as you make it out to be.

3. Yes, you do have time for it. Let’s refer back to rule number two. Let’s say that you are the world’s busiest person and just have no time, I have a solution for you, subtract ten minutes from your beauty sleep of 6 hours and make a difference. It will help you sleep better, and if you still do not have the time, then you truly are not as busy as you think.


Group Class Workout


Warm Up: 25/20 Cal Machine, 25 KBS Russian, 15 goblet squats, 15 v-ups, :45 sec plank

Finish with: 1 min Banded Front Rack, 15 PT, GM


Strength: Front Squat

5×4 @75% (Every 2 Minutes)

Lean: No Strength






16 Min AMRAP

20-20-20-20-20 T2B

40-40-40-40-40 DU

15-13-11-9-Max Reps CJ


Male: 95/115/135/155/185

Female: 65/85/95/105/125


Adv: M 135/155/185/205/225

Adv: F 95/105/125/135/145


Welded Lean

25 Min Assault Bike for Cals

30/30 Work/Rest


Extra Gains:

2 min plank

75 situps

1 min plank

50 situps


Mobility of the Day: Quad Smash (pg. 324)

Improves: Hip Function, Knee, Hip, and Low Back Pain



Explosive training: Jumps, sprints, gains