Double Edge in 2019

This past weekend the Double Edge Team went on a company retreat to review 2018 and to plan the future for 2019 and beyond. We first want to thank all of our members for a memorable 2018 and for the constant support that you give us to do what we love. We also want to thank everyone who filled out the survey and gave us valuable feedback about our business.

We are excited about the future of Double Edge in 2019 and we want to share our goals with you. Below you will find a short review of this weekends retreat. If you have any questions please feel free to talk to one of your coaches or email [email protected].

Vision – Make Reno the healthiest city in the country.
Mission – “Inspiring you to take health and wellness home”.

Programming. Fully invest into our programming with the development and implementation of Welded Athletics across all Double Edge Fitness going forward both as a brand and program design inside and outside the gym.  

2019 #DEFit goals. “Perfect the Product.”

  1. Training, education and career growth of both part-time and full-time coaches.  
  2. Continue to create and develop SOP’s to standardize gym operations to free up coaches to invest more time into our member and community.
  3. Introduce nutrition as the base of Double Edge Fitness
  4. Introduce Personal Design programming to our members.
  5. Implement a class and membership cap.
  6. Take down the class leaderboard and put up gym events and notes on the second TV.
  7. Rebrand and grow yoga towards mobility, recovery, and wellness as “Welded Wellness” Program.
  8. Increase effort and focus around internal marketing/member education.