Double Edge at the Reno Rodeo

What is steer decorating and why you should go?

Friday night, June 23rd the coaches of Double Edge will be taking on the Reno Rodeo as they participate in the Businessman Steer Decorating Event!

What is steer decorating you ask?  It’s an event that is part of the Reno Rodeo in which teams of two make an attempt to hold a steer and put a small ribbon on its tail.  Seems silly doesn’t it?  You are right, its completely ridiculous but a ton of fun to watch! Check out the video above!

Join us this Friday, 7PM at the Reno Rodeo as Coaches Jacob, Joel, Trent and Derek jump into the arena and wrestle some steers for fun!

Tickets go quick for the Rodeo so don’t delay! Head to to purchase your tickets and we’ll see you Friday night!