Double Edge App: Signing Into Class

This month we will be walking you through all the features that the Double Edge app has to offer! The first feature and arguably the most important one is signing up for class. Why do we push ALL of our members to sign up for their classes before they actually arrive at the gym?

  1. It guarantees your spot in the class. With class sizes becoming larger we will be reaching a point soon where we will be enforcing class caps and the only way to guarantee that you will be able to workout at the class time that you want is by signing up before you get there!
  2. It helps your coaches know who will be there and how they will prepare for the class size and the members. Less time checking in people = More time coaching you!

So how do you sign into class using the Double Edge App. It’s easy just follow these steps!

1) Select “Classes” in the drop down menu
2) Click on the class time that you would like to attend
3) Book Class. You will then have the option to add it to your calendar with a reminder.

If you haven’t yet downloaded the Double Edge app you can download it by searching “Double Edge Fitness” in your app store. If you have any questions about the app email us at [email protected].