By: Sabrina Blajos

It has been so much fun putting together my Pregnancy and Postpartum Program for all you pregnant, postpartum, or preconception women, however the great thing about this program is its not limited to just Pregnant Women. Young Women beginning strength training or even Women who have strength trained but maybe didn’t learn how to brace properly, or maybe even a Guy who had some kind of Core Dysfunction while growing up that they have just been dealing with and didn’t even realise it, this program is for you. It’s time to start getting awareness out on Diastasis Recti, Urinary Frequency, Pelvic Floor Damage and Prolapse, C-Section and Perineal Scarring, Pelvic Pain, Creating IAP and Diaphragmatic Breathing, and so much more, that’s just the physical aspects, not even taking into consideration all the mindset, nutrition, and connection that takes place. This is just a few of the topics that we usually hear about but then don’t really know how to start taking action steps.

This weekend Saturday, June 22 @ 12-1:30pm at Midtown we will be going over all these topics and soo much more. This is just the start to creating that community within our gym, hear each others story, and help others getting healing, relief, and support. I’m not saying I have the answer to all of these, most of these topics will require some referrals out, but I do have the knowledge to help decrease your risk and start educating you on how to truly heal and support your body’s needs. I sure hope to see as many of you who can make it and if you can’t but still have questions on how I can help you, feel free to email me at [email protected] with any questions you might have.