DE Update

By: Derek Wellock

Hello Double Edge Family,

Double Edge is coming up on the five-year mark, and I wanted to take this moment to reflect on the past and look into the future by providing a company overview. Double Edge has experienced tremendous growth over the last two years, which has been a blessing for our community but has also brought many challenges for my team. I want you to know that my team is continuously working to provide you with the best fitness and health experience in the marketplace.

In 2017 Double Edge as a whole completed 60,278 visits/workouts in one year. This is an insane number and something I am very proud of. We have seen so many lives enhanced over the last five years. With that kind of attendance, you can imagine the wear and tear on our facilities is inevitable. The constant work to keep the gym clean, maintain equipment and provide fresh towels is never-ending. We have been freshening up our bumper plates, adding more dumbbells, jump ropes, and newer bikes are being cycled out each quarter. We are actively looking for solutions on floor repair for midtown, as the concrete did not handle the weight training the way we expected, but to no surprise the stronger the community gets, the heavier the weights get. I love this!

Professional bathroom maintenance and cleaning have been increased to keep up with the growing use of the facilities before and after each class. We pride ourselves on our bathrooms and towel service. As many of you have discovered when dropped into another gym, there are no such things as showers, let alone towels. For us to offer towel service and keep it affordable, we had to buy our towels and do all the laundry in-house. We are washing 15 to 20 loads per day at each gym and folding over 300 towels per day at each gym. The reason we went to smaller sweat towels this year at midtown was for logistics. We can wash three times as many at a time and fold them twice as fast. Switching to these smaller towels have improved our turn around time, so we can spend more time coaching, less time folding, and ensuring towels are readily available for our members.

Yoga is back. I am very excited about yoga. Dawn is truly embracing it and wanting to grow it. I hope all of you take advantage of yoga as it develops and uses it to improve your health. Keep your eyes open for new classes and options throughout 2018, as we are striving to bring you the perfect balance to Welded for your body.

The most considerable investment Double Edge made once again is into the product we offer. In 2018, with our growth and attendance in 2017 we decided to put two coaches in every class, and we are still looking for more coaches. We offer over a hundred classes per week between both gyms. This is a massive process to manage and oversee.

Most days we have Welded and Lean options every hour, which produces nearly 200 separate workouts each week that is guided by some of the most highly educated coaches in the

industry. Investing in our coaches is the most important thing we do because that allows them to deliver the absolute best product to our members, a product that we are very proud off and that consistently produces positive results.

According to Welded HQ’s website, there are 24 Welded Level 2 coaches in the region. Eight of those coaches are full-time Double Edge Coaches which is more Level 2 coaches under one roof than any other gym in our area. Along with the Level 2 coaches, we are the only gym in Reno/Sparks who has a coach with the Welded Level 3 designation with more of our coaches currently working towards the Level 3 certification. When you get coached at Double Edge, you get a professional who truly values the career of helping you live a healthy and fit lifestyle.

With the growth of Double Edge, there will be some new things coming your way. We will be working towards advance class sign up and capping class size by the end of the year. This may be a little challenging in the beginning, but it is essential for us to maintain the quality of our product and your member experience by not overcrowding our classes. My team and I are continually evaluating the class size, membership cost, long-term business revenue stability, with member growth and usage so that your experience at Double Edge will be unmatched anywhere else.

I appreciate all of you who trust us with your health and fitness. There are not enough words to describe my appreciation, so I want to show you with continued action in creating the best member experience possible. Although I do not know everyone personally, I want to. If you ever have any questions or concerns send me an email at [email protected]. I will answer you, whether your question is related to health and fitness or the business model that drives Double Edge, I am always happy to help and support in any way that I can.