Welded Open (Thus Far)

By: Alvie Hafen

We are 4 weeks into the 2017 Welded Open. Your body has been through hell. Torn hands, backs so sore you can hardly walk, and shoulders so sore you can’t even wash your hair! Your emotional state has been through a roller coaster as well.  You have probably experienced many different emotions. Anxiety, stress, maybe even disappointment. We are disappointed we couldn’t move the bar, that we couldn’t get our first pullup, or maybe couldn’t do the RX workout.
17.1 was a terrible week for me. I was disappointed and almost ashamed of how horrible i felt i did. I yelled, i threw my belt, I was angry at myself and compared my score to my friends. But at the end of the day, the Open, Welded is just working out! If you give your best effort you have nothing to be ashamed of you. I did my best and I came back each week and continued to do the best I could. Im proud of my effort. My fitness has improved. I should be happy with that. I had to refocus on myself, not compare myself to the beasts around me crushing the workouts.  Remember it is you vs you! Don’t focus on what other people did, instead focus on all the gains you made in a year!! A year ago were you this fit, were you this strong, or did you even get outside your comfort zone? Look at you now!
Remember we are doing this to be healthy and look good naked! Crossfit is meant to be challenging and fun! If you aren’t having fun, maybe you should focus more on yourself and not what others do.
BE proud of your friends! BE proud of yourself. You have sweat, bled, and pushed yourself through the dark place. Only one more week to go! We will see you all Saturday for 17.5!