Consistency is Key

Consistency is much more important than those sporadic, all in, go big, types of moments.

That being said I know that everyone loves to make those huge PR jumps in their lifts, get their first gymnastic skill such as muscle up, pull up or toe to bar and jump on some random diet trend and go all in on it at first. The sad part is most of the time consistency does not follow these feats. Ask yourself this, have you ever made a huge PR jump in one of your lifts and plateau for what seems like months or even years? What about the first time you got your first muscle up, toe to bar or double under but now you have trouble linking more than a few? The root cause of this plateau is lack of consistency. For example, with numbers and lifting, if I can consistently move the heavier weights or up to 85-90% of my max on any given day then I am more happy with that than if I were to PR one of my lifts and not get close to hitting those numbers again for months.  The same goes with gymnastic skills and diet trends. If we go hard on a new diet instead of consistently just trying to eat better overall week after week then generally the progress or motivation will plateau or stop.


Remember, consistency is more important! Do not get discouraged or frustrated if people around you are making big PR jumps or getting their first muscle up because if you continue to work hard and you stay CONSISTENT in all of these aspects you will eventually be where you want to be.


Keep showing up

Keep working hard

Eat better little by little

Stay consistent




Warm Up:

Trainer Choice



3 Rounds:

25 V-Ups
10 Heavy DB Lawn Mowers Each Arm
20 Total Heavy DB Lunges



Repeat Partner WOD 11.13.15
100 Pushups
40 Thrusters 95/65
100 Ab Mat Situps
40 Power Cleans 135/95
100 Pullups
40 Squat Cleans 155/105
100 Air Squats


Welded Lean

5 Rounds
400m Run
20 Jump Switch Lunges
20 DB Push Press 35/25
:45 sec Plank


Mobility Of the Day: Partner Quad Smash

Improves: The O-Zone Layer and World Peace