Community Events

By: Derek Wellock

Little change of tone from my normal blogs.  I want to talk about something that as staff we have been talking about.   It is community events. With the operation of Double Edge, there are a lot of moving parts and components to it.  Planning, organizing and executing large community events is not something that happens spur of the moment anymore.  With that said, as a community and as your coaches and leaders we want to figure out more ways we can serve you and provide more to you.

Doing things like organizing hikes, ski days, bbq’s, etc are all things we can do, but we want to do things that our community is interested in doing.   Would you be interested in more events that are focused on your specific class, so like Friday night BBQ and Beers, and morning breakfast club things, or doing more things that are intended to bring the entire Double Edge community together?   We have things we can do. I also know more seminars would be something many of you are interested in and we are already building the 2020 calendar, these are things we are going to make sure we add more of.  

We want to continue to provide an environment that not only promotes and develops your physical health but also your friendships and relationships.   We want to make sure we are doing what serves you. I bring this up because things like Welded Prom are both very expensive for both you and the gym’s general overhead, and we wanted it to be a community event that the majority of the community was a part of.  Only about 25% of the community participated in RSVP for this event this year. It will be a great time, but because it is such large expense for both gym and members, and takes time to plan, would you, our valued members like to see us doing something else for you and for the community as a whole?    

I don’t want to waste anyone’s time and money.  I want to provide life-changing value and impact your life through health and fitness.  So let me know what you would like to do and see more of, and we will make that happen to the best of our abilities. 

I am looking forward to the Members Ball this year, and I am looking forward to your suggestions on how we can better serve you through our community events.  So please let me or any of your coaches know!