Code of Conduct

By: Alvie Hafen

Here at Double Edge we try to provide the best possible service and experience to our members. We provide a clean facility, we offer tons of classes throughout the day, and we provide some of the best equipment around! Our bathrooms are clean and spacious with showers and locker rooms for you to get ready in!
But do you know the best thing Double Edge offers? Do you know what our best service is?
It is our coaches! They are knowledgeable, understanding, and excellent teachers and motivators.
Yet sometimes, they often are ignored or not listened to.
Midtown and South gyms both have a Code of Conduct displayed on the walls. Maybe you haven’t seen this or maybe you have.
Take a look! This code of conduct is to help you get the best experience and most out of your time here at DE.
One of the Codes is “Abandon your ego”.
What does that mean? It means actually LISTENing and DOING what the coach says. We have two coaches in each class to provide the best possible experience for you! We want everyone to become a better, stronger,  healthier version of themselves. We are here you for! You are paying us to provide you with a quality experience that works!
I know sometimes the coaches are repetitive. Push your knees out, a little lower in that squat, push your hips back, don’t land on your toes, keep that core tight! Maybe the coach takes weight off your bar. This isn’t an insult to you!  We want you to be safe and injury free! We aren’t doing it to bash or call you out. We are doing it so you can maximize your gains in the gym in the safest way possible! If you are only doing half reps on push-ups and squats or are weights that are too heavy, you are wasting your time, increasing your risk of injury, and not getting the full benefit Double Edge offers.
We truly care about our members and we want you to succeed! We want you to hit that PR. We want you to lose those 20lbs. We want you to get that first pull-up. We love our job and it brings us happiness when we see you SUCCEED!
Take advantage of your time. Maximize your gains! Listen and do what your coaches say. If you have questions don’t hesitate to ask! There is always a reason why. Yes, even on those days with all those burpees!
Remember half ass gets no ass! See you all in class!