Brian Christian

This week’s Featured Athlete was chosen by Masters Coach, Arthur! Keep up the awesome work Brian!

“My #DECFMonday goes to #DECFMasters member Brian Christian.  Brian and his wife, Arita, moved to the Reno area about 1-1/2 years ago and joined Double Edge near the same time. 

Brian was not a stranger to fitness because of his military experience, but age had made him more cautious of pushing hard and heavy.  Once he became familiar with the movements he began to push harder and once in a while he would take my suggestion of adding more weight.  Which is a joke we have that my suggestions to increase weight were viewed at considerations. Well as of late he’s been taking my suggestions and then some, PRing in both his deadlift and strict press.  And the last few weeks he has been crushing the WODs. 

Brian thank you for being a part of Double Edge and allowing me to help you break through barriers – nice work!”
– Coach Arthur