Breakfast on the Go!

By: Trent Soares

Being one of the privileged morning coaches here at Double Edge is a true blessing. The members that wake up at the crack of dawn really make the community, our gym a special place to be in the A.M. Regardless, being part of the staff can be a mad rush at times, and breakfast takes a back burner. Because of this I have found through inspiration of Coach Leo, and Marcus Filly a more convenient way to tackle this. I give you the Filly Frittata:

Bacon (8 strips)
Green Bell Pepper (1)
Red Bell Pepper (1)
Onion (1)
Sweet Potato (2)
Spinach (3 cups)
Eggs (9)
Goat Cheese

– Pre-heat oven to 350 degrees
– Sautee Peppers, Onions, Sweet Potato and Spinach
– Cook Bacon strips (same time)
– Cut up everything into small cubes
– Mix 9 eggs in a bowl
– Spray pam on a pie pan
– Add mixed 9 eggs to pan
– Add Sautee mixture into pan
– Add Bacon cuts into pan
– Add Goat Cheese into pan
– Place in oven and check at 20 minutes (should be able to stick a toothpick in without being wet)
– Cut into even pieces for the 5 day work week

It lasts me Monday through Friday, in which I only need 2 slices to hold me off through lunch. You can heat it up in the microwave or eat it cold. I have been loving the convenience of getting something in my stomach early so I have time to digest it and jump in one of the later morning classes.