Book Suggestion 2019

By: Derek Wellock

“Can’t Hurt Me” by David Goggins.  

2019 is here and upon us.  The years go by so fast now, especially with kids.  Each year when January rolls in, I honestly get a little anxiety over how fast the previous year just went by.  I heard a quote from David Goggins’ book “Can’t Hurt Me” the other day. “From the second you take your first breath you become eligible to die, but you also become eligible to become the badest mother fucker that walked the earth.”   His book is very thought-provoking and will for sure have you evaluating how good you have it in life. I would recommend it for anyone to read or audiobook, just know it is not child-friendly.

The book gets you thinking that no matter what goal or new year resolution you set, chances are it is not very hard to achieve no matter how hard you think it is.  Want to lose weight. Just do it. Want you get stronger, then train harder and smarter. Want to make more money, go make it. Want a new job, go get one. He pretty much takes any all excuses from you.  

With said, take the challenge.  Whatever goal or resolution you set in 2019, literally just do it.  Go get it and make it happen. Choose to take responsibility for you and your future, because you live in the greatest country on earth and are truly free to make yourself the baddest mother f***** that walks.  If you find yourself struggling I would suggest reading David’s book, it will take the cloud of self-pity away for sure. I know the first chapter alone did it for me.

I can say am pretty stoked for 2019.  You should be too! Let’s conquer our goals and live the best year yet!