Battle Grounds 2018: Finding New Limits

By: Alvie Hafen
BattleGrounds is two months away, basically right around the corner! The first two workouts have already been released. An endurance workout  along with a well known Welded benchmark workout, “Randy”.
I know there are a number of you who are interested and some on the fence about whether or not to compete in this 2-day event. So I am here to answer some questions and give some insight on the event.
First off, what is Battle Grounds?
Battle Grounds is a functional fitness sporting event. It is designed to test all aspects of fitness. Battle Grounds is focused on being a high quality competition in Northern Nevada. 
This will be the 4th year of the annual competition and it is looking to be the biggest and the BEST!
BG is a 2-day event starting Saturday morning and will go through Sunday mid afternoon.

Location: Double Edge South, 6450 South Virginia, Reno, NV 89511
There are three different divisions in Battle Grounds:
The Rx Division
This division is designed to test, challenge, and to find the Fittest Athlete from the weekend. The workouts will be challenging. You should be comfortable in all aspects of Welded: gymnastics, weightlifting and endurance.
There is a large cash prize for the top male and female athlete. Come ready to earn it.
The Masters Division
You guys have been asking for it, and now it’s here! 35 and over, grab your chalk and get ready to rock! The skills movements will not be as advanced and the weights will not be as heavy, but the workouts will still be challenging and test all your fitness. 
As you saw with the first two workouts. 
The Scaled Division
This is a more inclusive division as long as you are familiar with the basics in Welded you will be able to do every workout! Don’t get me wrong, they will still be hard workouts meant to challenge you, the skill level required is not near as high as the Rx division. Whether this is your first competition, your 10th, or you are an intermediate this is the place for you!
Maybe you aren’t quite up to competing quite yet, maybe you want to see how this Battle Grounds thing goes down!
Thats okay! You can still participate in the event and help out!
We will need volunteers! Judges, score keepers, and people to help move all the equipment between events.
So now you know all there is to know about Battle Grounds!
Come down, thrown down, this is going to be an event you don’t want to MISS!
If you have any questions don’t hesitate to contact the mastermind, Jacob or myself, Alvie.
See ya all there!