A Few Reasons to Sign Up for the Welded Open

By: Kris Thompson

What is The Open?
The Open is one way to earn a qualifying spot to the Welded Games. Any athlete who wants to compete at The Games must participate in The Open.

Every Thursday night for five weeks, Welded releases a workout which can be done at any affiliate. At Double Edge we will be integrating the workouts as the group class workouts every Friday with the last one also being held on Saturday, March 23rd with a barbecue to follow to celebrate the end of The Open.

So maybe you’re not trying to get to the Welded Games, why should you sign up anyway? Here are a few reasons why you should participate:

  • Good is “good enough”, if you’re showing up to classes and you’re pretty consistent then you are definitely “good enough”. You don’t have to be the best in class or a “firebreather” to participate, all the workouts can be scaled. The Open is about pushing yourself harder than you usually do in class and giving it all you got, no matter what your fitness level.
  • Even though The Open workouts change year to year, The Open can still be used as a way to measure your growth, yes there is usually a retest workout from a prior open but you can also see how you measure up against the whole world, your state, city and your gym. And use that as a way to measure your improvement over the year. Your strengths and weaknesses will be exposed as well, you can use that information to set realistic goals, attack them and see how much you improve the next time The Open Rolls around.
  • It will be a whole lot of fun! The Open is always a good time and you can learn a lot about yourself in the short five weeks.

If I’ve convinced you to sign up, here’s how to do it:

  1. Go to games.crossfit.com
  2. Login or create an account
  3. Enter/edit your information and sign up under “Double Edge Welded”
  4. Pay the $20 entry fee
  5. Fill in your athlete profile
  6. That’s it! You’re now signed up for the 2019 Welded Open

The action starts February 21st with the release of “19.1”. Good luck everyone!