Training vs. Exercising

By: Derek Wellock

I want to take this opportunity and talk about training versus exercising and how the programing at Double Edge approaches this.  First, I need to explain the Double Edge philosophy behind these two words.

Exercising, is sweating, getting your heart rate up, a little muscle burn, and a little endorphin high done sporadically with no defined goal.

Training includes exercise, but with a defined goal.  With a defined goal there needs to be structured programing for approximately 5-7 hours a week of training for focused GPP (general physical preparedness) improvement.

The average American coming in off the street is going to make tremendous improvement exercising or training.  They are going to improve strength, endurance, body composition, and overall health.  But where the differentiation between exercise and training needs to happen is when a person hits a plateau in their fitness program.  This usually happens 1 to 2 years into a consistent program depending on what stage of fitness they were in when they started.

If you have been with Double Edge from the beginning, you can think back and see the evolution of the programing taking place.  First, was Welded only.  We had a barbell strength and a workout of the day or WOD.  This is the backbone of the Double Edge Programing.  Now there is Welded Rx, Scaled, Advanced and also Welded Lean.  This programing isn’t randomly put together.  There is quite a bit of science and thought put into this by our team of coaches.

Our Welded programing is based on a barbell strength program combined with traditional Welded and a focus on training the proper energy systems with proper recovery.  This training program is based on someone coming to the gym Monday through Friday and following the Welded regimen only.  The Advanced is for those athletes who have been consistent over the past couple years and want to make sure they can do all the elements in the Welded open and do them well.  Rx is for everyday GGP, and Scaled is for the beginner or injured athlete.  All these training programs follow the same template and will help every athlete progress their individual fitness.

With our Welded program the defined goal is to make people stronger, improve their cardio and GPP while reducing chronic pain.  Weight loss and body composition is a side effect of training hard and following the program 5 days a week.

With our Lean program, the goal is cardiovascular and muscle endurance. This program does not progress the barbell strength training as much as our Welded program.  The lean is great for people who can’t come 5 days a week, or who want to focus on endurance and muscular stamina while still maintaining general strength and power.  Our Tuesday and Thursday endurance workouts in the lean program are also a great way to challenge yourself by pushing into a longer time domain.

By providing a diverse training program we are able to give our members the ability to be successful no matter their goals.   Our goal is to program for people who make training a lifestyle, we are not trying to provide exercising or bootcamps.  We are a life style gym who wants our members to maximize their time and make constant progress year after year.

I hope this helps to clarify our programing and the goal of it.





Warm Up:

3 Rds: 15 Situps, 12 KBS Russian, 12/9 Cals

Finish with: 15 Heavy Goblet Squats

15 PVC PT, GM, 20 scorpions



Back Squat 3×8 (Rising) Every 2 Minutes

Pullup/RingRow Ladder 1-5-1 6 Min Time Cap


Welded & Welded Lean


3 Rounds

3 Minutes for: 500/425 Meter Row


3 Minutes: 25/Adv: 35 Burpees


3 Minutes: 40/30 Cal Bike


Once you complete required work, rest remainder of 3 minutes.

Mobility Of the Day: Medial Shin Smash (pg. 368)

Improves: Bottom of squat, Knee Pain




Strengthen & Lengthen
6 to 7am




Handstand walk

Shoulder accessory