Delegation and Trust

By: Derek Wellock

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These last 2 years of starting Double Edge Welded has been crazy.  They have truly flown by.  With baby Claire coming into my life, and taking on this new challenge of being a dad.  Running the business side of Double Edge, daddy duties, coaching, family, etc life has become crazy and in that crazy it is easy to lose track of things.  It becomes hard to remember why you started your business.

When you start a business you are everything.  You have to provide your services, you have to do HR, you have to bookkeep, payroll, admin, marketing, and so much more. Now that I have been doing this for 2 years, and now opening a second gym these last couple months I have been missing why I really started my business.  I love coaching clients to a healthier life.  I miss doing that full-time.  It is a hard transition from coach to business owner, and as a business owner it would be easy to let the business side of things slide to coach, and it would be easy to let the coaching slide because of the business.

I am not going to lie.  I have not been the best coach I can be the last 2 years.  But reevaluating my goals these last couple months, I wanted to get back in to coaching more.  That is the passion that inspired me to go into business.  The problem is, I still love the business side of things.  I really enjoy it all, and that is where I need to find balance.  I can’t be good at everything.  So I need to figure out my true value and where it lies and how to execute it so the business as a whole can function better.

Coaching is what I love, Business is what I love.  With two gyms the amount of the business side has doubled.  Personnel has increased, and responsibilities have increased.  When I look at the awesome team who built Double Edge, I have to let each person and myself work in the realm that brings most value to the business.  Out of everyone when it comes to running the whole business, I am the best fit.  I enjoy it, I care about it, and I love doing it.  But how do I get back to coaching.

Trust and delegating.  It is not delegation and micromanage.  It is trust and then delegate.  Figure out the strengths of your team, what value they bring and then entrust them to do what they are good at.  Chances are they are better at it then you are.   Here are some examples of where I have learned to trust and delegate.

Example 1.  When I look at Jacob, Leo and Alvie.  They are great programmers.  My brother is truly gifted at understanding the science of fitness.  Alive is gifted and blending workouts for the advance to the beginner athlete, and Leo is great at bleeding in variety and fun.  They are all truly talented.  So they handle all the programming at Double Edge and they do a great job at it.  So I let them handle it.  I don’t look at it.  I trust them.  This last year I have let go of programming for the gym.

Example 2.  Marketing.  Joel was brought in to market for the gym.  He turned out to be a fantastic coach too.  But at first I had my hands in everything he did.  Now, after a couple times of him telling me to let go.  He now fully runs the marketing efforts of Double Edge.  I have to trust and delegate.  For over a year now I have not micromanaged the marketing.  We meet and discuss ideas, talk budget, and make sure I am in the know.  But as a whole he runs it and I have learned to let go.

These are a couple examples of where a leader or business owner can learn to look at the strengths of his or her team and make sure he delegates to their strengths and then let’s go of it.  Trust the people you hired or ask yourself, why did you hire them.  Letting the team produce results and value based on their strengths, will allow you to get back to your strengths and passion.

If your passion and strength is not running the business like it is mine and for some that is the case.  Bring people in who can help you with this.  No matter what business you are in there are goods and services to be done, but there are still fundamentals to every business that are the same and have to run for the business to survive.  Know your strengths, know your weaknesses, know your team’s strengths and their weaknesses.  Then make sure you all playing to your strengths.  This will allow you to get back to why you started your business and have fun again.

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Warm Up:

3 Rds:

5 burpees, 10 goblet squats, 15 v-ups

Finish with 15 PVC PT, GM, 20 scorpions, 20 leg swings



5×3 Front Squat 80% Every 2 Minutes

After each set 10 pushups

Lean: No Strength





For Time:

10 OH Squats 95/65
20/15 Cal Bike
10 OH Squats 115/75
20/15 Cal Bike
10 OH Squats 135/95
20/15 Cal Bike
10 OH Squats 155/105

Scaled: Front Squats


Welded Lean

3 Rounds
50 Wall Balls 20/14
50 Burpees
40/30 Row/Ski/Bike


Mobility of the day: T-Spine OH Extension Bias (pg.238)

Improves: OH Squat Position, Snatch Position, Shoulder Pain




6am – Strengthen and Lengthen

12pm – Strengthen and Lengthen

5:30pm – Strengthen and Lengthen




8 to 9am




glute accessory