A Metcon for Hope Christmas

After raising money, going shopping and wrapping over a 100 presents the time finally came in which we were able to meet our Metcon for Hope families.   With 8 families it took a combined effort of over 20 people including DE staff, volunteers and social workers to deliver a hot meal made by Men Wielding Fire and presents to all the families!

We are happy to report that all of our families were beyond excited and grateful for the presents and dinner that was given to them.  A lot of these families weren’t going to be able to have a Christmas this year but with the help of the Welded community we were able to make sure that they did!

Keep an eye out for more pictures to follow and stories from your coaches about their experiences!  Thank you again to everyone who helped support this amazing cause and a special thanks goes out to Josh from Men Wielding Fire who helped to provide the families with a meal and also Cassie and Alane who helped find the families.

We look forward to next year as we continue to grow Metcon for Hope and help create a greater effect on families in need!  Merry Christmas everyone!





Warm Up:

3 lap run

3 Rds: 7 push ups, 10 KB High pulls, 12 jump squats

FInish with 15 PVC PT,  7 burpees



1 RM Bench Press 14 minutes

Lean: 5×5 Bench Press



Welded/Welded Lean


14 Min AMRAP
Ab Mat Situp
Thruster 75/55
Box Jumps 24/20

Adv: T2B


Mobility of The Day: Banded Overhead Distraction

Improves:  Overhead Position, Shoulder Pain




8 to 9am




8:30 to 9:45 With Coach Arthur




6:30 to 8pm With Coach Jacob