4 Things to Remember When You Start Welded

By: Sharae Townsend

  1. Everyone started somewhere, you just didn’t know them back then. Don’t be scared or intimidated when you look around and see people lifting more than you or finishing a workout 3 minutes faster than you. When they walked in the door on their first day they felt the same way. It won’t happen overnight but you will get there. It takes some time, dedication, motivation, and consistency. Everyone started Welded not knowing what in the world half of the movements even were, but it’s fun to learn. Those people lifting heavier and finishing before you are the first ones who will cheer you on until you finish. Then, one day you will start beating them at some workouts!
  1. You get out what you put into it. Remember two seconds ago when I said it takes some time, dedication, motivation, and consistency to get in shape? Well, it’s true! Welded is awesome because you get out exactly what you put into it! If you come to the gym to talk to all of your gym buddies for some good conversation, that’s exactly what you will get, some great conversation. The members we have here are amazing and some of the best friends you could have. If you are here to get your regular workout in just to get your heart pumping for an hour that is what you will get, some cardiovascular activity. If you are here to train for your next competition, push yourself and come every day or close to it, then you will get better every day. If you come here and skip “the stuff you hate doing”, then you will never get better at it. In conclusion, if you push yourself and be consistent at it then you will be in shape in no time at all.
  1. You can only get better from here. If you came in and did your intro workout and got a little taste of Welded but you thought you were going to die from that workout, the good news is you can only get better from there! Every day just push yourself a little more. Each minute of each workout you do a lot of convincing yourself to keep going. It is a constant battle with your mind to just keep moving; there is nothing wrong with that as long as you keep moving. Every single person who does Welded has something to work on. The best of the best have weaknesses and can work on being more well-rounded so don’t worry, you are not the only one. Each time you have a negative thought during a workout replace it with; “this is how I get better”. When I am doing the bike or wall balls (my two least favorite movements) I have to tell myself that and it works every time, I don’t quit and when you don’t quit you become a little prouder of yourself and a little more confident. 
  1. You never regret going to the gym, but you do regret skipping the gym! How many times have you said or heard your friend say “Man, I should NOT have gone to the gym today”? Probably never. At Double Edge we do the hard part for you. We write your programming so you come into the gym with a plan and you don’t have to figure out what to do for your workout. There’s a coach there for the full hour. Exercising releases endorphins, so when you’re done you feel much better with much more energy. The hardest part really is just getting to the gym and maybe finding a parking spot in the evenings at Midtown, but once you’re there you can have fun “fitnessing” and you won’t regret it. We want your trip to the gym to be the best part of your day. No one wants to dread going to the gym. Going to the gym is an investment in your body so it needs to be fun.