3 Signs You Are Addicted To “Chalking Up” In The Gym

If you are a Weldedter you are well aware of the benefits of chalking up before your heavy Cleans or your unbroken pull-ups.  Chalk helps to take the mositure out of your hands giving you a better grip on the bar while keeping your forearms fresh to crush the WOD in record time!

But as we all know, too much of a good thing can turn bad quickly!  Here are 3 sign that you might have turned from a casual chalk user to a full blown chalk abuser!


1. You have more chalk on yourself then you do the bar

The first sign to a chalk addiction is when you start to notice that there is more chalk on your clothes, shoes and skin then the actual bar!   We have all seen that person who has hand prints on their shirts and shorts and somehow was able to manage to get chalk on their face like some type of Indian war paint!  It seems that no matter what they do their body has some special magnetic charge that sucks all the chalk particles out of the air and onto their body.

2. When you chalk up for a movement that doesn’t need it

Sorry to break it to you all of you chalk addicts out there, but you don’t need to layer your hands with white gold when you are getting ready for a back squat or about to start Karen.  Either you have a severe condition in which your hands produce more sweat than a small child, or you might be addicted to chalk!

3. You get anxiety if the chalk bucket isn’t within reach

We have all been there before, about to start a WOD and right when the 10 second countdown begins someone yells our “hold on I gotta chalk up!” as if they hadn’t already spent the last hour bathing in it.  They then run over and grab the entire bucket to move it right next to their bar and station.   If this is you and you find yourself protecting “your” chalk bucket like it was your small child, it could be time to look your chalky face in the mirror and come to terms that you just may be a chalk addict!


So how do you keep yourself from becoming an addict? Its quite easy, don’t use so much chalk!  A little bit of chalk can go a long ways in keeping your hands dry enough to crush any WOD that is thrown your way.  At Double Edge we suggest using just one hand to get chalk with and rubbing the rest into your other hand giving you just enough to PR without making a winter wonderland in the gym!  Help is available, don’t wait until its to late!  Contact our Double Edge chalk hotline at 775-657-9956 for more resources and advice on beating this dreadful condition sweeping boxes across the nation!






Warm Up:

4 Rounds 30 DU or practice, 12 air squats, 12 PVC PT, 7 pushups



5×3 Strict Press (Every 1:15)
Finish with 30 light Strict Press





2 Rounds for Time:
25/20 Cal Bike
25 Wall Balls 20/14
20/15 Cal Bike
20 Pullups
15/10 Bike
15 DLs 185/125

Advanced: 225/150


Welded Lean

2 Rounds for Time:

30/22 Cal Row

30 Wall Balls 20/14

20 DB Lunges 35/20

25 Burpees


Mobility of the Day: Glute Smash and Floss (pg. 300)

Improves: Knee Out Position, Low Back and Hip Pain





8 to 9am





8 to 9am with Coach Jacob





8:30 to 9:45 with Coach Arthur





6:30 to 8pm with Coach Jacob