3 Reasons Why Your Friends Should do Welded!

By: Leo Fontana
Alright so you have drank the cool aid and all you can talk about to your friends is Welded. They are annoyed of you and ask why is it so “cool” and different than a regular gym. Then, you pause to think about and all you can come up with is: “just come to a class with me and you will see.” That is the best answer you can have however a lot of our friends are still hesitant about it. Well, here are three things that make Crossfit so unique and AWESOME!
1. The Community: There are not many other fitness methods that can give you a community like the Welded community. You see the work out on the board and you are so scared of it because how hard it looks, but the best part is that everyone next to you in class is also really scared/excited. When you’re all done with your wod there is always someone for you to give your encouragement to and give your positive vibes to help them finish their wod as well. People are always picking each other up and it always seems to be the most positive atmosphere. No one is judging, no one cares what your pain face looks like because everyone is right there with you going through the same “terrible/awesome” experience. The 80 year old grandpa can work out next to the 20 year old stud and everyone in between, all doing the same work out, pushing themselves to their OWN limits.
2. You get so much done in one hour: In one hour you get a great warm up, then a guided strength session, followed by your conditioning and then some mobility in the end. It is the most efficient way to get yourself in the best shape of your life without taking up a lot of time! Classes are often varied and you develop a broad set of skills that can be utilized in any aspect of life!
3. “Oh wow” effect:  You discover something new about your mind and body almost everyday. You can find  limits that you didn’t know you had. You discover the true meaning of “you can do one more rep”. You tell yourself before the work out starts, “there is not way I can beat that time or there is not way I can lift that much weight” and by the end of the class you get the best time of the day or PR your lift by 20lbs and you didn’t even know you had in you. Outside of the gym the oh wow effect comes from others, “oh wow, you look so great, how much weight have you lost?” or “oh wow this box is really heavy are you sure you can lift it?”. and your answer can be very similar to this “ yeah I have been making gains”.  Your confidence goes through the roof and there is a very positive thing to be, a confident person!
There you have it, 3 out of the many things on why Welded is so beneficial in your life. It is one of the most life changing experience anyone can have and out off the top of my head the only negative affect is the soreness but that is just the gains entering your body! haha
Hope this helps you explain got your friends why you love Welded so much and that your friends can experience the same positive affect in their lives!


Warm Up:

4 Rounds 40/20 on Machine. Go Hard! Warm up.

2 Rounds: 10 Jump Squats, 12 Pushups, 14 OH Plate Lunges

Finish with: 1 Min Banded Front Rack, 15 PVC PT, GM



Front Squat 5×2 80% Every 1:20

OR Front Squat 5×6 (Choose Weight)  

Lean: No Strength



5 Rounds:17/12 Cal bike

10 Thrusters 95/65

30 DU

1 Min Rest in between each round.

Score is total time including rest.

Welded Lean
30 Min Partner Dice Game

  1. 150m Row
  2. 12 Box Jumps 24/20
  3. 30 Russian Twists 20/16
  4. 4. 20 Air squats/8 Pistols
  5. 12/9 Cal Bike/Ski
  6. 200m Run

Roll a Dice with a group(3-5), all members of the group do what the dice says. Get as many rolls in as possible! Score is # of completed dice rolls.

Mobility Of the Day: External Hip Rotation (pg. 307)

Improves: Bottom of the squat, Knee out Position, Hip Pain



Strengthen & Lengthen
6 to 7am

Broga and Brews!

5:30 to 6:30pm