2018 Nutrition Challenge

By: Joaquin Ramirez

As you may have heard we are doing a Nutrition Challenge starting January 15th 2018. I wanted to get some information out that way you could decide if this was something of interest to you. The price to participate is $100 per team (no refunds) with a limit of 50 teams. The teams can be same sex or coed and we are not splitting this up between gyms, this is purely a first come first serve basis regardless of which gym you are at.

The goal of this challenge is to switch over to eating whole, fresh foods. There will be three levels provided and you can choose which one fits your ability level and commitment level the best. You and your partner do not have to do the same level and you do not have to do the same level the whole time. If you start at one level and feel like you can clean it up even more then by all means go up to the next level!

There will be a point scoring system for all teams. The points will be awarded for three different categories. The categories are workouts, attendance and percentage of weight loss. There is a test/retest partner workout at the beginning and end of the five week challenge. The first time around the points will be awarded for placing in the workout among the 50 teams. The second time around the placing is determined by the improvement of each team. So even if you do not “win” the workout the second time, if you have the most improved score then you will technically win that workout and will be awarded the most points.

There will be an equal amount of points up for grabs with percentage of weight loss. Whichever team has the highest percentage of weight loss will be awarded the most points. Scoring will be done similar to a typical crossfit leaderboard with the highest percentage being awarded 1st and getting the most points. Lastly there are points you can get from workouts attended. Along with eating well comes a consistent workout schedule and we would like everyone who participates in the challenge to maintain a minimum of 5 days a week for the entire 5 weeks. If you can make six then great you will only help your progress that much more. Every day you can get 1 point for making the group class workout. The only catch is both you and your partner must attend that day for the point to count. You can also get points on Saturday as well. With the challenge being 5 weeks long and six workouts a week that means 30 points are available. This could be the difference that gives you an edge at the very end.

The three levels are as follows:

The kickstart level is the entry level. This plan’s focus is to get you to come off sugar, processed foods and alcohol. There will be lists provided of what you can and cannot have and you will just do your best to stick to that plan daily. There will also be recipes and meal examples given for each level. This level is a kickstart to developing healthy eating habits.

This level is stricter than Kickstart with the emphasis still being on eating whole foods. The difference here is that you are much more limited in what you can have than the kickstart level and this will suit those well who have a pretty clean diet already but just need work on cutting out a few things and substituting them for fresh ingredients. This level is where you want to be to maintain a healthy lifestyle.

This is the most advanced level. This level is even stricter and really gets rid of anything that isn’t whole foods. There will be a handful of items on this list that are not on the other two. This level dials in what your diet should look like if you want to see great results and increase performance. This level will be the most challenging but if it is maintained it will help you see the best results!

This challenge is a great way to kick off the New Year and help you develop better eating habits that can be maintained throughout the entire year and of course having a partner to “suffer” with only makes it that much more enjoyable! Grab a partner and get signed up because spots are going fast!

If you have any more questions feel free to contact us! [email protected]
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