What is your 2017 resolution?

By: Sharae Townsend

Now that the holidays are behind us it’s time to follow through with those New Year’s resolutions. Some of us have fitness goals, some want to be more mindful (without having a full mind), some have nutritional goals, and some want to save money or pay off debt. All of these are fabulous resolutions. What is your resolution for 2017?

Personally, my New Year’s resolution is to have a stable routine. Routines help me stay on track and it can even include all of the above resolutions. Once I have a routine it is hard to shy away from it. The hard part is establishing it, research says it takes 21 days to make something a habit. One specific part of my routine that I really want to start dedicating myself to my training.

Every morning we all wake up and get out of bed to move around all day long until we go back to bed to get the rest that our bodies need. Moving is what our bodies are meant to do. Fitness is powerful; movement makes us feel alive and we cannot take that for granted.

I am so lucky to have the programming that Double Edge provides. To me, working out at Double Edge is a privilege and not a punishment. There is no doubt that the workouts at Double Edge are hard, when a member looks defeated after a workout I always tell them to finish it or push yourself because you want to be proud of yourself when you are done. This is how you make yourself better. You never should regret actually going to the gym, but you do regret not showing up.

Another part of my routine that I need to fully dedicate myself to is making healthy eating choices. I know we can all relate. The quote “I need to work off all of my holiday indulges” gives fitness a negative connotation. It is saying you are punishing yourself for eating a little too much during the holidays, with the punishment being a work out. We all do it, but when we fitness we can’t turn it into a punishment for our own unhealthy choices. Again, working out is not a punishment it is a privilege and we should look forward to going to the gym to start moving our bodies. Once you go home, you feel much better and more energized because it’s what your body needs and what it is meant to do; MOVE MOVE MOVE!

Double Edge is a wonderful community to be a part of so let’s all keep each other accountable and stick with our routines no matter how busy our days get. Prioritize moving your body and working hard. What better way to fitness than with your gym buddies and the Double Edge Fit Fam?

Happy New Year, bring it on 2017!

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