Training Through Injury

By: Derek Wellock

Anyone who puts effort into anything gets hurt from time to time. It doesn’t matter if it is routine exercise, sports, or walking down the sidewalk. Injury is almost inevitable, so being able to work through and around injuries is one of the most important things you can do to maintain a healthy lifestyle. So many people use injury as an opportunity to stop moving and stop exercising. This doesn’t have to be the case unless you are paralyzed and/or in a full body cast.

At Double Edge we have the ability, knowledge, and equipment to work with and around many injuries. We also have relationships with the right people in town to help with recovering from your injury.

One of our members who has been here since the day we opened has a broken ankle and is in a boot. If you come in the afternoon you might have seen her. We work with and around limitations every day. That is the beauty of Welded and working with a knowledgeable coach.

We had another person who had full ACL repair and kept training through the entire time post-surgery. He got good at strict pull-ups, and lots of seated dumbbell exercises and when he was released he was quickly back to full training.

You might think training through an injury is something you pay extra for. NO. You come to class, talk to your coach and we work around it and give you things to make it better. We do have customized programs to help aid recovery of certain things and we can do personalized programming for those who want it. Most of the time doing our daily WOD, we can really help you recover and prevent any injuries that happen. So, if you are injured talk to a coach today to get the help you need.