Test/Retest Results: “Chief” & “Alvie”

By: Joaquin Ramirez

As most of you know we have implemented a test/retest program at Double Edge in order to track everyone’s results in MetCons and be able to see if our programming truly is making everyone improve all aspects of fitness. So far this program has been a success as both genders have improved every single workout!
Some notable stats include the females taking out the males in overall average improvement on the workout “Chief” as they improved by 8 reps and the males improved by 2 (on average). The ladies also came close to beating the guys (on average) only coming in one rep behind the boys in this retest!
I would also like to tell everyone that the average weight cleaned by the men in the workout “Alvie” was 218 pounds and the women averaged a 137 pound clean. All the women of DE, keep pushing hard and I trust you will definitely get the boys next time!
Good work DE fit fam! Keep up the good work and remember to download Train Heroic and input your scores! The more scores we have the more data we collect. See you on the leaderboard!