Reps of Discipline Push Up Challenge

Did you know that the most push-ups completed in 24 hours is 46,001?!  Why this fun little fact? On March 11th we will be starting the 1st annual Reps of Discipline push-up challenge.

Now before we go any farther, this is NOT a competition but a challenge that is open to anyone who wants to help bring awareness to health and fitness all while improving your push-ups!

Here is how it works.  Click on the link below to sign up for the challenge which starts next Monday, March 11th.  You will then have 28 days to complete 4200 push ups, which is exactly 150 each day.

These push-ups can be modified to the ability of the athlete (push ups from your knees, from a box, a wall etc..).  You will then record your number through our online platform which will keep track of all your reps.

The cost to participate is $10 which will go directly to the Send It Foundation who provides support to young adults fighting cancer through outdoor adventure and community.   

If you have any questions about this challenge please contact [email protected].