Making the Commitment

By: Jacob Wellock

When you face your fears and decide that you want to make a change in your life and you walk through our doors, “Congratulations, you have made a commitment!” That is the biggest part of this adventure, signing up for a membership. And you might think that that’s all it takes, while that is one of the biggest steps, there is more to it.

Let’s break it down in simple terms, in what you need to be doing to hit your goals. The first step to your fitness adventure is to come to class. After that, it is to come to class consistently. Then we learn intensity. During all of this the two things you have to do in the background is stretch and have a healthy diet.

When you start to come to class you will go through a few waves. You will have a ton of endorphins running around and you are going to feel good and after a few workouts you are going to be very sore. A couple weeks in, it is going to start feeling quite a bit better and you will notice that you will be moving faster and possibly lifting more weight. You know what is happening? You are becoming fitter. A by product of that is, if your schedule provides, you will be coming more often and coming consistently. It is a very exciting experience because you have visual data of your progress which is pretty badass.

The big one where people are scared to venture is intensity. Intensity is when you lift heavier and move faster. Some people are truly scared to do this in fear that they might get too big or they might hurt themselves. We are here to tell you, that isn’t true. The biggest reason, is people are not comfortable with finding themselves in an uncomfortable situation. Struggle enforces change, change is the reason you walked through the doors. Do not be afraid to work hard. You will always learn something new about yourself that you never knew. You are not too old or too injured or not in shape enough.

Quite possibly two of the most important things we need to work on and the two that get put off the most is how much we stretch and how we work on our diet. Once you become more fit, you might get a little stiff, but with your functional training coupled with some very basic stretching, you will keep that body of yours feeling better than ever. We also offer nutrition counseling if that is something your truly don’t understand or have the time to really think about.

If you find yourself doing all of the things on this list, give yourself a pat on the back because you are on the way to a new you and you will have no regrets about leaving the old you behind. Everyone wants to be better, no one is happy just staying stagnant. Like water, if you stay stagnant, you become toxic but if water is moving it is fresh and you can drink from it. Your body is very similar and if you are interested in making that change, then we are here to help you out. Be a better you for yourself and for others.