Jp Preston

This week’s Featured Athlete was chosen by Coach Kris. Jp has been a great part of the community and always works hard! Keep up the awesome work!⠀

“There’s so many things you could talk about when it comes to JP. He’s got such an outgoing, lovable and funny personality. Always bringing good vibes and laughter to class, I would even go so far as saying that he’s the class clown. ⠀

But don’t mistake his easy going attitude for lack of care when it comes to his WODs. In the 10 months he’s been with us he has made so much improvement in his health and fitness. He’s built great relationships with many of the members and continues to make gains. So many gains that he even had to create another persona, “50 Cal”. If you don’t know, ask about it.⠀

Thanks for always keeping the mood light in class, making us laugh and being a part of Double Edge. You’re looking stronger and stronger everyday!” – Coach Kris⠀

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