J. McDaniel Testimonial

Nervous about trying yoga? Do you tell yourself you’re not “good” at it or “not flexible enough? Jason McDaniel, Double Edge member since April of 2015, tells us a little about his own journey to using the yoga program and how it has helped him both in and outside the gym.

Briefly describe your journey to yoga. Did you first try it through Double Edge? What made you step into the studio for the first time?
When I started Welded I had a lot of issues with my form. I came from a background where I had put my body through a lot of abuse. My manual labor job was the type where I would go from sitting to moving something extremely heavy in a moment’s notice to sitting again. Most of this time my body was in poor positions. When the yoga program was first brought up, I was a little reluctant to try it out. I had never attended a yoga class prior to Double Edge. I figured it was a bunch of weird hippy rituals and incense. But to my surprise it was more about developing strength in areas that had been overlooked. I also gained a lot of knowledge when it comes to listening to my body and knowing when “not” to push it.

 Has practicing yoga helped or changed you as an athlete? How so?Yoga has improved my consistency when it comes to Welded. With the improved mobility my body will naturally get into the correct position for the movements. Yoga has improved my overall body awareness. I am much more cognizant of my body’s position while working out; I know what doesn’t feel “right” anymore..

 Has practicing yoga helped or changed you as a person outside the gym? How so?
In my daily life I notice less pain and fatigue from an aching body. Consistent yoga practice definitely shortens my recovery time. It has also helped me to be more present while out hiking or at work. I enjoy the journey along the way instead of constantly worrying about the destination.I find myself not worrying so much about the things I can’t control and instead of feeling constantly overwhelmed, I use my breath to get through stressful times. 

What do you enjoy most about the yoga program at Double Edge?The yoga instructors knowledge of Welded leads to classes that address the needs of the athletes body. It’s different than a yoga class in a yoga studio. It feels more tailored to what we do in Welded.

 What would you tell someone who is on the fence about trying yoga but hasn’t yet done so?
I believe that you’ll see an improvement in your overall health as well as increased performance during WOD’s. I went into yoga with a nagging hip flexor issue that I no longer have. That’s huge! What we do in the yoga studio complements what we do out here in the gym; they’re a lot more alike than you think.