It’s officially summer!

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By: Wes Winter

#DELAKEDAY18 was a huge success! The hashtag generated over 100 posts of our awesome members putting their fitness to use outdoors. From hiking, paddling, biking, swimming, to chasing kids or dogs everyone’s pictures were great! However, why should it stop there?! Summer is just starting and it’s the perfect time to continue taking our fitness outdoors! I thought I would share a few of my favorite simple outdoor spots I’ve enjoyed here in the Reno/Tahoe area in hopes you will enjoy them too! I have included a short description as well as links to more info on each one!

  1. Dry Pond – South Reno: This is an awesome short hike and very easy to access being only 5-10 minutes from the 395 Freeway exit!  Beginner/moderate but leads into awesome views of Mt. Rose, Slide Mountain and also views back into Reno.

Directions: From 395 take 431 (Mount Rose Highway) West to Timberline Rd. Turn north  on Timberline and drive approx. .5 miles to left turn on a paved road to the trailhead .9 miles. Length/ Elevation gain: 2.1 miles/ 450 ft. Dry Pond Info


  1.  Bonsai Rock – Lake Tahoe: This is one of my favorites. Named after a little bonsai tree that somehow managed to grow out the top of this massive rock island. Ever see people posting those pictures of the crazy rock formations in the insanely clear Tahoe water but not sure where or how to get there? One of my favorite spots to get away from the busy Sand Harbor crowds but still very easy to get to.

Directions: 1.2 miles south of Sand Harbor. There are a few small turnouts along the right side of the road. Once parked, there is a steep .5 mile hike down to the shoreline. Find a nice flat rock to leave your stuff on and jump in! Awesome shoreline to hike jumping from rock to rock and way less crowded because of that! Bonsai Rock Directions


  1. Horsetail Falls – South Lake Tahoe: The waterfall to end all waterfalls in Tahoe! Three massive waterfalls pouring over huge granite slabs. I experienced this one about a month ago after some great snow melt and it was awesome! At an easy 1.5 miles one way, this short hike is worth the long drive from the Reno area.

Directions: Roughly 16 miles south of South Lake Tahoe off Highway 50. Parking lot is on the right hand side and well marked. Horsetail Falls Directions