Injury Prevention Month

By: Sabrina Blajos

Hey my FitFam!

So as you all know, May is Injury Prevention Month with an awesome seminar at the end of the month at the Midtown location. I just wanted to give some advice on it. As you all know I am probably the worst with mobility. I was always hopping into class just for the WOD and then not properly cooling down and stretching out. Always preaching to my classes about how they need to get a good warm up/cool down in. However, I was just like them. “Oh I’ll be fine, my body is okay, it’s different for me.”

Well I’m here to tell you that can only last so long. Unfortunately, it takes an injury to open your eyes about something that you already know you should be doing. I have recently just tweaked my back and let me tell you it has been the longest week of my life and it’s still not 100%. Not being able to workout has been miserable. I’m assuming we all use Welded as our stress outlet and not being able to workout and on top of that, watching everyone workout and enjoy the workouts has been tough. To be honest though, the toughest part is that I’m embarrassed about it. I’m sitting out because I got an injury that I personally was aware of and 100% knew how to prevent, but instead I chose to be lazy about it and just see if it would happen to me.

What I am trying to get at FitFam is don’t wait to make a change until something bad happens. Recognize that you are not helping yourself prevent an injury and get to work. It’s seriously 5-10 minutes of your day that will change how you move and feel in and after your workouts.

Sign-up for the seminar IT’S FREE, us coaches are passionate about getting mobility tips out to you because we have all had an injury that has kept us from enjoying Welded and we don’t want that for you! Pick our brains, ask for help, and we’ll get you started with a few stretches to help YOU personally get or stay injury free!