Going Forward with Test and Retest

By: Joaquin Ramirez

As most of you know we started implementing a new program called “Test and Retest.” There will be two different MetCons per month with one of them being more barbell intensive and the other more monostructural and gymnastic dominant. I wanted to let everyone know they’ve been killing the workouts! The attendance has been high on test days and we have seen some impressive times, I can’t wait to see the improvements all of you make as we progress and retest.

Going forward with this program there will be a few changes as to how we will record and document the times. We are working with TrainHeroic to be able to produce all the statistics we are looking for as soon as the times are put in. This will make it easier to track everyone’s progress not only individually but as a whole as well.

What we will need from all of you is to download the TrainHeroic app and make sure you put in your times on test days. We will not be keeping them on the whiteboards and taking pictures anymore. You will also need to remember that if you scale weights or movements what exactly you scaled to. This will be easy because at the bottom of every training day in the app there is a note section where you can write down exactly what weights and movements you did because on test days it’s important to do it exactly the same way. We will then pull a report off of TrainHeroic and track the average male and female time as well as average improvement for males and females come retest day.

Remember download the app and start using it especially on test and retest days! The days will always be first Monday and last Wednesday of every month so make sure not to skip those days if possible and as always go hard and give it everything you got!