Double Edge Goals Defined Part 2

  1. Implement a class and membership cap.
  • Double Edge continues to grow each month and with this growth comes the need for a cap on classes and membership to uphold the quality service that we constantly work towards everyday. In the upcoming year we will start enforcing a class cap in each one of our classes along with starting a membership cap to keep better quality control for our current members.
  1. Take down the class leaderboard and put up gym events and notes on the second TV.
  • We will NOT be getting rid of TrainHeroic as it is a very useful tool to measure our performance inside of the gym. In the next year we will be removing the leaderboard from the second TV to replace it with programming notes, upcoming events and video’s for continuing education.
  1. Rebrand and grow yoga towards mobility, recovery, and wellness as “Welded Wellness” Program.
  • Our yoga program is an important aspect of overall wellness that we provide at Double Edge. In the next year we plan on expanding the program to incorporate mobility classes that will focus on certain troubled areas such as hips, knees, shoulders and back. Along with mobility there will continue to be speciality courses like our stability series that will focus on recovery and strengthening that will all be incorporated in the branding of our “Welded Wellness” program
  1. Increase effort and focus around internal marketing/member education.
  • We want all of our members to be in “the know” when it comes to all the changes that are happening this upcoming year. You may have seen in your last newsletter that there are two new sections that include programming and nutrition. This is just one part of our commitment to provide you with the most up to date information with everything that is Double Edge.