Double Edge Goals Defined (Part 1)

“Perfect the Product.”

  1. Training, education and career growth of both part-time and full-time coaches.  
  • At Double Edge we have always invested into our coaching staff through salaries for full time coaches, health insurance and continuing education. Our coaching staff has the most level 2 coaches and level 3 coaches in Northern Nevada and beyond. This year we plan on increasing the number of level 2 coaches and level 3 coaches on staff to provide you with a continued level of excellence that is unmatched in our area.
  1. Continue to create and develop SOP’s to standardize gym operations to free up coaches to invest more time into our member and community.
  • SOP stands for Standard Operating Procedures. In the following year we are working hard on stream lining the small details such as towels and cleaning so that our coaches can spend more time doing what they do best.
  1. Introduce nutrition as the base of Double Edge Fitness
  • We started investing into our nutrition earlier this year when we purchased 2 Inbody scanners and continued after that by revamping our nutrition program from the ground up. We redesigned our virtual programming into 3 different phases that will meet your needs where you are at to ensure success. These 6 week phases include a customized personal template, 2 inbody scans, personal check-ins from our nutrition coaches, grocery lists and sample meals to help you stay on track and understand what foods are best for you and your body.
  1. Introduce Personal Design programming to our members.
  • With the introduction of the Tier System we found that our members got stuck on certain movements and felt frustrated when they couldn’t get past it. Along with the Tier System we started getting more requests about additional programming for members looking to enhance a certain area of their fitness. In the next year we will be introducing to you our Personal Design Programming which includes templates to over 30 different programs from Muscle up strength to core and butt work.